2024-2025 Budget

This year’s Approved budget is the same as last year’s budget except for an increase to the Zoom Meeting License which has increased by $15.

2024 Planned Expenditures

Budget Item Description and DetailPayment DueAmount
Web Hosting for MRRC, Michigan QSO Party and Ohio QSO Party web sites All sites hosted under a single account with qth.com (e.g., no additional expense for multiple sites) and Web site domain name renewals for MadRiverRadioClub.org, MiQP.org, and OhQP.orgDecember$200
Expenses for the Dayton Hamvention “Suite in the Sun” (Club hospitality and member sales area in the Dayton Hamvention flea market)June$225
Commitment of Support for the Contesters Super Suite at the Hope Hotel during the 2023 Dayton Hamvention (This is a max value which is reduced by the amount of beverage sales – in recent years our responsibility has been zero)May$350
Zoom meeting licenseJune$175
Monetary support to the Ohio QSO Party for operating expenses and awardsJune$200
Monetary support to the Michigan QSO Party for operating expenses and awardsJune$200

To Meet This Budget:

We need 54 members paying $25 each.

As of today, 29 members have paid their 2024 dues.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim O’Sullivan KE8OC                                                                                            5/20/2024