MRRC Email Reflector

    One of the ways MRRC members stay in touch with each other, and get their club news, is via MRRC’s e-mail reflector.  For those not familiar with e-mail reflectors, it is a mailing list where any e-mails sent to it are “reflected” back to all of the users subscribed to it; sort of an e-mail “party line”.

    The MRRC e-mail reflector is open to anyone – you don’t have to be a member to subscribe; perhaps to learn what the club is all about.  While the reflector is not “moderated” (where a club official would have to approve any e-mail to it), courteous use of the reflector will limit e-mails to topics of interest to the club and its members.

    There is no cost to subscribe to the MRRC E-mail Reflector. To join, send an email to

    You must include the word “subscribe” (without quotes) in the body of the message.  Once you’ve subscribed, the list server will send you an e-mail confirming subscription, along with instructions in managing options in how you receive e-mails from the reflector, and how to unsubscribe.

    To send an e-mail to the reflector, simply address it to:

    Please note that the above e-mail addresses are not actually text (which can be clicked on to send the e-mail, but are instead graphical images of the addresses to prevent automated Internet robots from grabbing the addresses and bombarding the reflector with spam.

    It is not recommended that you subscribe to the reflector through a forwarding address like or similar. You have to send all your postings to the forwarding address, which then sends it to the reflector. The reflector then has to send the postings it distributes to the forwarding address, which then sends it to you. While this WILL work, it slows everything down for no good reason.