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Welcome to the web site of the Mad River Radio Club. My name is Dave Pruett, K8CC and I am the MRRC president. Originally founded in 1971, MRRC is a club of amateur radio operators who are interested in on-the-air radio competition. The club exists to foster camaraderie and share expertise between amateurs who share that interest.  This web site exists to act as a communications medium between the members and friends of MRRC, to provide a repository of information about the club and amateur radio contesting, and to further the interests of the club.

There are two major sections to this web site, which can be accessed by the hyperlink buttons to the left under "On This Site".  The "Archives" button takes you to a section of the site which is loaded with useful information about MRRC and contesting.  Think of it as a reference archive that does not regularly change.  The W1AW/8 Ohio button takes you to a page managed by Jim, K8MR to schedule stations for the ARRL Centennial W1AW/8 operation from Ohio this past August. 

The buttons under "About The Club" will take you to the current club roster (with home/e-mail addresses and phone numbers omitted for privacy). pages with information about the current club officers and volunteers, the club's callsign K8MAD, the club's Articles of Association (by-laws), the location for the next MRRC meeting, and some information about the MRRC e-mail reflector. The MRRC Reflector, tends to be the method by which club members stay in touch with each other.  The "SS History" button takes you to a presentation chronicling MRRC's history in the November SS Affiliated Club Competition, from the clubs founding in 1971 until the present. The "ARRL Circle" button explains the geographic circle which defines the club area for the purpose of the Affiliated Club Competition in ARRL-sponsored contests. And finally, the "members" button takes you to a photo gallery of current MRRC members

Finally, the "Links" section can take you to other web sites closely related to the activities of the club.  Both the Michigan and Ohio QSO Parties are sponsored by MRRC and the links take you to their respective web pages. The WA7BNM Contest Calendar is one of the best on-line resources for the rules and dates for upcoming contests.

MRRC invites you to come in and browse the content of our web site.  Also, if you live in Michigan, Ohio, or one of the surrounding states and are interested in amateur radio contesting, we'd like to extend an invitation to join MRRC.  Dues are only $12 per year and you'd be joining the oldest, and one of the most vital amateur radio contesting clubs in the midwest.




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