2017-2018 Budget

At the MRRC meeting during the Dayton Hamvention in May 2017, the club budget for its 2017 fiscal year was presented to the membership and approved by unanamous vote.

2017 Planned Expenditures

Budget Item Description and Detail Payment Due Amount
Web Hosting for MRRC, Michigan QSO Party and Ohio QSO Party web sites

All sites hosted under a single account with qth.com (e.g., no additional expense for multiple sites)

December $120
Web site domain name renewals for MadRiverRadioClub.org, MiQP.org, and OhQP.org May $40
Donation of seed money for the Great Lakes HamCon Division Convention in October 2017 Sept $250
Maximum funds to match member donations to sponsor an operating tent at the 2018 World Radiosport Team Championship in July 2018 Sept $500
Expenses for the Dayton Hamvention “Suite in the Sun”

(Club hospitality and member sales area in the Dayton Hamvention flea market)

June $150
Commitment of Support for the Contesters SuperSuite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel during the 2018 Dayton Hamvention

(This is a max value which is reduced by the amount of beverage sales – in recent years our responsibility has been zero)

June $150
Monetary support to the Ohio QSO Party for operating expenses and awards June $150
Monetary support to the Michigan QSO Party for operating expenses and awards June $150
Total: $1260

To Meet This Budget:

We need 63 members paying $20 each.

As of today, 60 members have paid their 2017 dues totaling $1144, (some at the old $12 rate, some at the new $20 rate).

As of today, we need 2 more members to pay dues to meet this budget as shown.

The club has member donations from 2015 and some leftover funds from 2016 which are sufficient to meet the club’s matching funds responsibilities for the 2018 WRTC tent sponsorship. If these funds are used for this purpose, it will reduce the 2017 budget to $760 which can be met with the current membership and dues received.